Why We Love MODX & Use It Whenever Possible

MODX is a great content manager for websites of just about any size, yet many have never heard of this dependable open source CMS. There are many reasons I use MODX for every project I’m able, including on the new AarcMediaGroup.com website that you are browsing right now. Allow me to share…

Total Control of Design & Layout
MODX is a PHP-based CMS, however you need little to no experience with PHP to use MODX. If you are good with HTML, CSS and blending them to make a beautiful site, you can build that beautiful site with MODX without barely having to use your brain and its valuable power. You drop “template tags” into your HTML to draw in elements like your global header, page content, custom fields (known as Template Variables in MODX).

It Has Everything You Need, & Nothing You Don’t
Above, I mention how easy it is to totally control all aspects of the design using MODX, and that’s due to it’s simplicity. It doesn’t come with a million bells and whistles like WordPress. It’s lightweight, and out-of-box has everything you need to power your website, even if you aren’t a true developer. HOWEVER, for PHP ninja’s, there is quite literally nothing you can’t do with MODX. Whether you need a five page informational site, or a 20,000 page enterprise-level giant, MODX is an excellent solution. There are also a wealth of very well developed “extras” that make extending MODX easy as clicking “install”.

getResources, My Favorite MODX Extra
Anyone familiar with MODX is also familiar with getResources and Jason Coward who originally released it in 2009. getResources is what powers this blog in fact. It is simple to use thanks to its amazing documentation. It’s a must have for every MODX project.

Choose Your Favorite Rich Text Editor (If That’s Your Thing)
I personally hate rich text editors and web-based WYSIWYG editors, but with MODX, you can choose between two of the best, and install is only a single click away. Available to you is the famous CKEditor (formerly known as the FCKEditor, and for you young folks, no I’m not kidding) as well as the TinyMCE editor. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but they are so easy to deploy, you can test them both and see which you like better.

1-Click Install
Installing MODX is easy, even if you have to do a manual install, HOWEVER, on our servers that come with Softaculous, installing MODX only takes about 20 seconds after logging into your hosting cPanel. Granted, our servers have 60+ software items that can be installed that easily, but MODX is my favorite among them.

Never Do Anything Twice
I try to live by the “never do anything twice” motto, and thanks to an extra for MODX called PackMan, I don’t have to. I have 5 or 6 full MODX installs backed up using PackMan allowing me a much more advanced starting point for new projects, which are pretty much fully developed sites with place holder content, already themed, ready for me to begin customizing.

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