SEO Is LIke A Cool Old Building

SEO. It’s something that isn’t often understood, or at least not understood well, yet it has become a necessary evil for every business that wants to succeed online.

I like to say, “search marketing is like a cool old building”.  Actually, I’ve never said that and just thought it up right now. To be totally honest, I first found the picture, and then I came up with the title after.

But I digress…

How is search marketing like a cool old building?

When built with a solid foundation, using tried and true search marketing and content strategies, your efforts will continue to stand for a long while.  A buildings frame is the most important part of the structure. A building with a well built frame will continue to stand long after it’s interior and exterior are re-worked.

Search marketing is often a poetically ugly mess. There is certainly order with all search marketing campaigns, but when dealing with small businesses, and often tight budgets, you sometimes have to get dirty, and sometimes have to thrive among disorder to get the most out of your clients budget.  The same goes for an old building.  They are often ugly, but photographers aplenty love taking pictures of them because there is beauty in the chaos of decay.

It’s never too late to improve upon your past search marketing efforts (or lack thereof). No matter what you have done in the past, it’s never too late to start doing things right. Or if you’re already doing things right, there are always new strategies popping up and new ways to reach customers that you are always busy “upgrading”. Same goes for an old building.  As long as the foundation is solid, there is always room for improvement.  Many abandoned buildings are now being put to good use either for business or living.

It can all collapse on you if you don’t take care of it over time.  If you don’t continue to evolve your search marketing strategies and make sure that you’re taking care of #3 above, then your past efforts (or again, lack of efforts), eventually it will all be lost. We have seen many a client that did very well from 2000 to 2010 online due to lack of competition, ease with which you could rank well off old strategies, and in the past six years, their inaction and myopic views have devastated their online businesses and overall revenue.

People have shit all over it. Yes, the sad truth about old abandoned buildings, is while they often make for great art & photography, they are also often filled with human (and animal) excrement.  The same is true for search marketing.  Our industry is often not trusted by those that need us most.  Small business owners are already dealing with tight budgets where the slightest misstep can often take more than a year to recover from.  One bad search marketing hire can sour a potential client for years.

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