Practice What We Preach Series

I am famous for NOT practicing what I preach. This holds true with my kids, with lacrosse coaching and in business.

Example, as a lacrosse coach I would constantly badger my players about shooting form, constantly reinforcing shooting overhand. The “why” of it is simple, “You’ll hit the cage more often, and see that shot you took there just now, you missed.” However, as a player, I was proficient enough as a scorer to not do that at all. I scored goals side-arm, behind-the-back, underhand, a couple between the legs, even one-handed. I once scored four goals in a club game, all four a different variety of behind-the-back. I also scored ten goals in a single college game off just fifteen shots and I’d wager that five or six were scored using a non-traditional shooting form. While it feels great to brag, there is actually a larger point to all of this. Relax I’m getting there.

Bringing it home with this example, as the owner of, I found an amazing niche in the early days developing ecommerce websites using the Miva Merchant platform (now known as Miva, I like what they did there). Even better, I found a single keyword term, that while expensive, converted like a gang buster, and I rode that wave for a good 5 or 6 years. In that time we pretty much lived off of that single keyword term and client referrals for lead generation and revenue. It was marvelous.

HOWEVER, by around 2010, that keyword terms use started to decline drastically so I scrambled to improve our adwords ads for the variations we were also bidding on. In the end it seemed the keyword combos we were living off of simply stopped being searched. We’re lucky to see 100 impressions per month nowadays for that campaign in total and maybe we’ll end up with 10 to 25 clicks depending on the month.

The problem here was I wasn’t “practicing what I preached” to my clients all the time. I wasn’t making sure to optimize all of our advertising resources for the simple fact I didn’t have to, and the result come 2012 was we hadn’t grown our revenue since 2010, something that continued up to 2014. Then I finally decided to break myself out of the marketing myopia I had fallen into and put into action the strategies that we successfully use for our clients every day.

So my goal with this series is to share this experience with any and all that care to read along and maybe even try out the strategies I’m about to lay out. All of them will be easy to act upon, and most can be employed by you, yourself and you.

And as always, feel free to farm these tasks out to us should you decide you want to “leave it to the experts” as I outlined in a blog post last week.

So without further burning your valuable time, here is the first tip in this marketing series, “A Quick And Dirty Way To Decrease Your Average Cost-Per-Click”.

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