Recent Projects

This was a fairly massive project, using Miva as the ecommerce platform as well as a ton of custom programming, 3rd party plugins, our custom build faceted search system and more. Great client, and great experience.

We had built’s first website using Miva back a few years ago. They were ready for a platform switch from Miva to WordPress/WooCommerce, so we built them a new site, top to bottom, moved all data from the old site into the new site, and implemented a series of free and paid plugins.

We brought on a client running a Magento store, and when they decided they wanted a better platform, we moved them into a new WordPress/WooCommerce webstore, equipped with a customized version of the Divi Theme, and Divi Page Builder for allowing the client to easily manage content on their own.

Another long time client, we had build their first site using Miva, and they came back to us a couple of years later needing a re-design as they wanted their sit to be fully responsive and mobile friendly. We were both insanely pleased with the outcome.

We had worked with this client on their site, but they came to us when they became the US distributor for BWSurf. They wanted to run WordPress/WooCommerce for this project because of it’s quick to deploy, cost effective, and excellent for content marketing.

This is another “older” project that we simply liked and wanted to show here. As always, another long-time client, this being the 3rd version of the site design, this time around bringing in responsive design and using MODX as the CMS platform.

Formerly, this client who is local to us in the Binghamton, NY area wanted a face-lift, and a re-brand as part of their project. A transition from their old domain to the more appropriate and we employed the MODX platform as the CMS.

Long time client (and now friend) that needed their site re-vamped using Miva as the platform (see a trend developing?). This site actually launched over 2 years ago, but we liked it so much we still include it on this page as if it recently launched.

A long time client, this is the 2nd edition of the BellaBooks site. The site has always used Miva as the ecommerce platform, and they needed the site to be “responsive” so we dove in, plugged in a totally custom design using Twitter’s Bootstrap, and continue to improve it over time.

We’ve worked with the team at for a long time, so when they had a new project they needed to get off the ground, they came right to us. The site uses Miva as the platform, and we used a Miva ReadyTheme as the starting point for the new design.

We had build’s Miva site for them. Their needs ended up changing over time and they wanted to make the switch to the Shopify platform, so we re-did their site top-to-bottom using Shopify and get them re-launched. They love the new site and platform has worked great.

This client knew what they wanted from a design perspective. Their 100,000 item catalog required a great deal of work to bring over into the new Miva platform used to power the site. Collaborating with these great people resulted in a great site.

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