Miva Faceted/Filtered Search System

We’ve had a couple of clients that were in need of a “faceted/filtered” search system, and both happened to use Miva which doesn’t happen to include this feature out-of-box. It will soon be added, probably within the next year or less, but at the time we were forced to custom build this feature.

In the case of Spill911.com, one of our newer clients, they were already using a service called SearchSpring to add this functionality to their site.  The problem, it’s pricey, as in over $300 per month pricey.  Let me throw out that I have no idea how their price structure works, but many of our clients seemed to be paying $299 per month and that was for a base-level service.

The other problem, the Spill911 integration was terrible for their SEO efforts.  The products on every category page were being drawn into the site in a manner that resulted in the search engines not being able to see the actual products living on the category pages.

So, to save them money we custom built a solution using a mix of the EmporiumPlus Power Search module, and a bunch of custom coding.  The end result, a superior search solution, that is far more SEO friendly, and that performs almost identical to what they were using SearchSpring for.  With the added benefit of saving them $299 per month as our solution is built into their site and adds nothing monetarily to the mix outside of the development cost.

We’ve also integrated this very same feature on GoldCountrySports.com except in their case, the system built is a beast, and allows them to include up to 3 different filters on each category page.


Contact us if you’re interested in having us build a similar system for you.


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