Local Search Marketing Tips – The Basics

1. Give Yourself a Chance, Optimize For Your Area

The most common mistake we see are sites simply not mentioning where they are from, other than maybe having their address on their contact us page. This is a huge mistake. The easiest quick fixes, (a) include your address and local phone number in your websites global footer, aka, at the bottom of every page, (b) include your address on your contact page, include directions from surrounding areas, with a small text blurb on the site for each region you serve and (c) optimize pages for terms relating to your business name, the products and services you offer and your location, where relevant.

The bottom line, some of the easiest traffic you can get, can come from your local area if you try for it. And even better, it converts better than almost all other traffic. At least covering the basics will get your foot in the door.

2. Business Search & Review Tools Work, Get Listed & Linked

Business search and review sites, apps and tools actually have a huge following and your goal should be to find every site out there that someone could possibly stumble upon while trying to find a business like yours and get listed. Services like Yelp, YP, SuperPages and the linke are obvious choices.

The best thing you can do is search for the terms you want to rank for, and you will find many of them will be local business directories, often from some very legit sources, so seek these types of sites out, and get free listings wherever possible.

3. Engage In Social Media, Interact Locally

Make sure you are at least rocking Facebook and Twitter. And make sure you are interacting with your local community. Both platforms allow you to use paid ads to target very specific people in very specific places, so at worst, you can pay to gain followers. Or you can simply interact with the thousands of locals in your area that use social media, and naturally gain a following. That is always your best bet.

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