Beef Up Your Websites Copy, Increase Your Rank

Today’s “Practice What We Preach” search marketing tip is one of the easiest we will cover. I mean really simple stuff here.

We see far too many clients skimping on the “content”. Granted, we are to some degree guilty of this ourselves. Everyone knows the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, and we have certainly fallen victim to that sickness over the years. So busy taking care of our clients, we sometimes forgot to take care of ourselves, as in our own website.

Those days are now far behind us, and one of the first things we started doing was improving both the quality of copy, and the amount of copy on every service page within our website.

So this tip is something that is once again, very simple, and easy for any business owner to attack themselves. IMPROVE AND ADD TO YOUR WEBSITES COPY/TEXT. Make sure that your page is informative. Make sure that the copy is readable and the presentation attractive. Don’t write copy trying to fool or spam Google. Write truly engaging copy that informs your visitors what it is you’re all about, while being intelligent about your wording so you can in fact get those needed “keyword hits” mixed in.

Today for instance, I further optimized some copy on our Miva Design services page, and I added new copy that consisted of 460 words, and 2,675 characters. I worked in a couple more keyword mentions in a very natural, not spammy way. Not huge in the general scheme of things, but I’ll follow up in a week or two and will provide some insight into what that did for us from a ranking perspective for terms relating to Miva. I also added a couple of blog posts at the bottom that also touched on Miva with the aim at making my site in general a bit more “relevant” as it pertains to Miva.

Through today’s work, my goal was to slightly improve our rankings for terms relating to Miva that we currently rank on the first page for, but down towards the bottom. I’m thinking that the simpletag edits, mixed with the text optimizations and the added 460 words should be enough to give us a slight boost, maybe jumping us up a position or two.

For posterity, here’s where we were at prior to my edits, and note, I won’t do anything more, other than maybe add another section or two between now and coming back to update this post.

Rankings for some targeted terms as of 8/3/16…

Miva Design – #7
Miva Designer – #6
Miva Web Design – #9
Miva Web Designer – #10
Miva Developer – #18

Moral of the story, beef up your content. Our goal here is to slowly but surely build each of our service pages into near books about their topics. Content is back to being king again. But the key is that the content must be high quality. The days of fooling google with a shit ton of spammy text have passed, but that doesn’t mean that a boat load of high-quality, readable and useful information won’t be highly rewarded. The fact is, it will be.

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