3 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

Everyone loves a good list, and I love the chance at being able to write a piece that can act as a subtle (not subtle) sales pitch, while also explaining the perils of trying to be your own webmaster. So here is a list of why you should be hiring a professional web designer, or more specifically, my company.

Before I go on, let me make one thing clear. When I talk below about clients messing up their websites, or clients work not being fit for public view, I’m not talking about tasks like adding/editing products to an ecommerce site, or simple text/copy edits to text on your services page.  There are all sorts of website-related tasks that clients can actually do better than a pro because you know your product/service better than anyone.  But when it comes down to it these scenarios are few and far between, even if only because everything you can do, we can do “faster”.

1.  Being Your Own Webmaster Is A Huge Waste Of Your Time.

Every minute you spend working on a task that could just as easily be delegated is a huge waste of your time. I get it, as a business owner you know that you can perform almost every task on your plate better than anyone you employ. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, you are not better than a professional web designer at updating your website, especially where the look and feel is in play. Not only that, what takes you three hours, takes us 15 minutes to an hour, tops.

If my clients could get $40 back for every hour wasted staring at a computer screen trying to figure something website-related on their own, how much money would they have? I use $40 per hour because that is what a good chunk of small business owners make per hour when averaged out over a 50 hour work week.  You really aren’t “saving” yourself money by working on your own website. You’re really just watering down your hourly rate.  If you really did the math, you’d see the light, and you’d stop spinning your wheels.

Example, you spend 3 hours making updates to your website. You make $40 per hour when all is said and done.  You just paid yourself $120 for your brilliant webmaster skills. We could have completed the same work in a single hour, and most likely would have done a better job at a cost to you of $50.  Hell, even if it still took us two hours, we still would have been cheaper than hiring yourself.


Another illustration.  You need to hire a landscaper to beautify the outside of your office. You decide to let your friend bid on the job.  His bid comes in at $12,000 to maintain your property for the year. Only problem is you are only his second customer and despite the work quality being sufficient, he has no proven track record in the industry.

Enter Green Thumb Landscaping LLC. They have 20 years of experience and a list of clients that include some very successful businesses that have beautifully maintained properties, with some being your close competitors.  Their bid is $5,000 to provide the exact same service over the same time frame and you know that the work they do is top notch.

Who do you hire in this scenario?  If you say you’d still hire your buddy, you’re lying your ass off, or you are doing so well for yourself that money means almost nothing.

2.  You Maintain Your Site. We Would Grow Your Site.

A good website is never really finished. The problem with managing your own website? You are often just maintaining the status quo. You’re not constantly improving, upgrading and trading old technologies for new, adding new content and constantly updating, tweaking, analyzing and further updating. A true web developer will do all of these things.

The idea being that your website needs to grow. Not unlike a huge, glob monster with hundreds of tentacles that never stop reaching, constantly searching for the next victims it will feed on, in all directions, so it can continue to grow, and must continue to feed…. Sorry about that, I blacked out there for a minute… What I mean is, the day you stopped trying to improve and build upon your websites content and technology, that’s the day you lost. Search engines reward content, activity and fresh ideas that grow because they are worthy of a share.  Most small business owners are either not capable, or just don’t have the time to grow their site, at least not in a manner that leaves nothing left to considered and that will ever gain any real traction either socially or via organic search results.

Another example, you want to build a sky scraper. Do you hire the large firm that has built three or four high-rise buildings in the past decade, or do you higher smaller company that has never built anything larger than five levels?

The goal of every business is to become an industry leader, yet as it pertains to a web presence, many are content with half-assing, and sometimes don’t even try that hard.

In today’s world, your website is usually a customers first introduction to your company.  HOWEVER, if your website doesn’t include high-quality, and to some degree, perfected content, that is useful as well as beautiful, they aren’t going to find you in the first place.  Google rewards a website with rankings only where said website is deemed worthy, or in rarer cases, where there is just no competition.  If you don’t give someone good reason to visit your website, they won’t.  Your pitch needs to be informative and needs to offer something that your competitors doesn’t. That “something” might be more information than others offer, your own voice as an expert, humor, boasts about your company that can’t be disputed.

If you’re not working towards constantly improving upon your current content and voice within your industry, while all the while introducing high-quality new content, you are at best leaving money on the table, at worst you’re setting yourself up to fail.

3. Don’t Shit Where You Eat

This one is always the “elephant in the room” between clients and me.  But I’m going to tell you what your cronies won’t.  And I say this with good intentions.  Here goes…

Usually, the things you add to your website, on your own, stick out. As in, they sometimes look a bit rough and in some cases they look downright terrible.

If you could be objective for just a minute, you’d admit it. That new section you added to your home page the other day isn’t really looking all that hot. In fact, it looks terrible, and now it’s one of the first things a potential client or customer sees upon landing on your website. Sure, you spent four hours trying to figure out how to get that section up. Even though it hurts your pride to admit it, you did yourself wrong, first by wasting time trying to be a web designer, and then by pretending what you did was good enough to live on your website.

The honest-to-goodness truth is basic tasks aided by a good CMS system are fine to handle on your own, if that is you’re willing to pay yourself and the numbers work out in your favor. Everything else should really be handled those best suited to handle said tasks.

Your website is the face of your business online. And as such, it helps you generate the revenue that allows you to eat. Even an animal knows you don’t shit where you eat.

If you’re serious about wanting a professional website, and about managing your own time effectively, you’d farm out at least a portion of your website related management tasks to a professional. 
If you really want a list of 5 reasons to hire a professional web designer or webmaster, you can hit the google machine.

And while you’re at it, you might as well farm them out to us.  I’ll make it easy, click here to see what we can do for you.

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